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TerraTendril™ Plant Mat

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Step up your gardening game with the TerraTendril Plant Mat! Tailored for both seasoned gardeners and home plant enthusiasts, this mat is an indispensable tool for tasks like repotting, trimming, fertilizing, and pruning. No more worries about soiling your clothes or workspace. Its innovative design ensures that water and soil stay contained, and the dual copper buckles at the corners guarantee zero leaks. With TerraTendril, you're not just choosing a mat; you're embracing a cleaner, streamlined gardening experience.


  • Item type: Mixing land mat
  • Material: Oxford + PVC
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Copper Buckle
  • Size: 50*50cm/75*75cm/100*100cm
      Package includes
      • 1* TerraTendril Plant Mat
      TerraTendril™ Plant Mat
      TerraTendril™ Plant Mat
      TerraTendril™ Plant Mat
      TerraTendril™ Plant Mat
      TerraTendril™ Plant Mat
      TerraTendril™ Plant Mat
      TerraTendril™ Plant Mat
      TerraTendril™ Plant Mat
      TerraTendril™ Plant Mat
      • Versatile Gardening Support

        Perfect for various tasks – repotting, trimming, and more

      • Spotless Workspace Promise

        Soil and water stay on the mat, keeping your space pristine

      • Unmatched Leak Protection

        Dual copper buckles ensure zero spillage

      • Durability & Style Combined

        Crafted with Oxford + PVC in a sleek black shade

      TerraTendril FAQs

      What is the primary purpose of the TerraTendril Plant Mat?

      The TerraTendril mat is designed to enhance your gardening experience by providing a clean and efficient space for tasks like repotting, trimming, fertilizing, and pruning.

      Is the mat water-resistant?

      Absolutely! The TerraTendril's innovative design ensures that water and soil remain contained on the mat, preventing any mess on your workspace or clothes.

      How do the copper buckles benefit the mat's functionality?

      The dual copper buckles located at the mat's corners guarantee zero leaks, ensuring maximum protection for your workspace.

      What materials is the mat made from?

      The TerraTendril mat is crafted from durable Oxford and PVC materials, promising longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

      Can the TerraTendril mat be easily stored or transported?

      Yes, its flexible design allows for easy folding, making it perfect for both stationary and on-the-go gardening tasks.

      What sizes is the TerraTendril mat available in?

      TerraTendril mat comes in three convenient sizes: 50*50cm, 75*75cm, and 100*100cm to cater to various gardening needs.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Jenny A.

      Such a good idea, and useful in so many ways. Easy to use, clean, and fold up for storage. I use it for planting and watering in the sun room, for painting and crafts for the kids, for the dog to stand on when she comes in muddy, to open up in the back of the car when I’m carrying plants, bags of compost or straw for the chickens, clean area to put out food for a picnic, etc. Just endlessly useful.

      Daniel C.

      This mat is easy to use, folds for easy storage. It provides a spacious area to work, and also cleans up easily. We rinse, let dry and fold. Good purchase.


      Good quality and offers many uses. One of them I use under my cat litter box and is great to catch the litter off our cats feet as they exit.

      Michelle A.

      Easily unfolded and snapped together. Contained the moist old orchid potting matter and spilled water. Easy to clean up, dry, and put away for later use. The mess was kept within the mat keeping my house clean. Great tool. Highly recommend!


      A must for all who enjoy indoor plant gardening. You get to stay indoors, watch tv, listen to music, keep your eyes on the kiddos and keep your table clean. Sturdy and easy to shake dirt off.

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