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Harmony Box™

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Create a beautiful life with moments you can't put into words.

Our handmade music box is meticulously crafted from the finest quality Birchwood & Stainless Steel. Each box is assembled by hand and takes 3 days to complete.
The design is inspired by vintage storage boxes with the track name engraved on the inside.
Approximate dimensions are 6.4x5.2x4.2cm, so please take note before purchasing if necessary for specific purposes.

Perfect for a gift or home décor, order your Harmony Box™ today and experience luxury at its finest!


  • Size: 6.4cm x 5.2cm x 4.2cm
  • Material: Wood & Stainless Steel
    Package includes

    1* Harmony Box

    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    Harmony Box™
    • Handcrafted Perfection

      Experience the finesse of handmade craftsmanship

    • Quality Birchwood

      Only the finest wood for a timeless appeal

    • Enchanting Melodies

      Beautiful notes that resonate with every open

    • Timeless Treasure

      A vintage-inspired aesthetic that complements any space


    What materials are used in the construction of the Harmony Box?

    The Harmony Box is meticulously crafted using the highest quality Birchwood and Stainless Steel, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and durability.

    How is the Harmony Box made?

    Each Harmony Box is hand-assembled with great attention to detail. The process takes about 3 days to complete, resulting in a product that is both a visual and auditory work of art.

    What makes the Harmony Box unique in terms of design?

    The Harmony Box features a vintage-inspired design, reminiscent of classic storage boxes. This timeless aesthetic is complemented by the inclusion of a track name displayed inside, adding a touch of nostalgia and personal connection to the music it plays.

    Can the Harmony Box play different tunes?

    Currently, each Harmony Box is designed to play a specific track, creating a unique and personal connection between the box and the listener. Please check the product description for details on the track that accompanies each box.

    How do I care for my Harmony Box?

    To maintain the beauty and functionality of your Harmony Box, it is recommended to keep it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Dust it off occasionally with a soft, dry cloth to preserve its luster.

    What if I am not completely satisfied with my Harmony Box?

    We stand by the quality and craftsmanship of each Harmony Box. If, for any reason, your Harmony Box does not meet your expectations, we offer a return policy within a specified period. Please refer to our return and exchange policy on the website for more details, to ensure a smooth and convenient process.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 75 reviews
    Brandon L.

    When I gave it to my wife for her birthday, she played it and burst into tears, saying - "it was the most beautiful gift, she has ever received". Very satisfied with the product and customer service.

    Patric B.

    I bought this for my granddaughter's birthday, she loves this song and she is definitely my sunshine!!


    I loved this. So beautiful
    Fast delivery and perfect size. I intend to carry this everywhere I go. 😊♥️

    Anna I.

    The wooden box is really cute and beautifully ornamented. It was delivered within a few days, which I found great. The sound quality is alright. All in all very good price/performance ratio.

    Mohamed A.

    Absolutely amazing love it! It came fast and also the support department is very helpful and also responds immediately if you need any assistance! Totally recommend with two hands🙌

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